Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Goodbye Old Crush

Hi All.

Goodbye old crush. Goodbye for good.
I've turned to 29 years old this year and I wish I put an end to this old crush stuff.
Sorry RB cause I need a space to let all this memories come out and just flow away.

I known him since I'm in highschool. SGGS time. *phiew*
I known him through my twin sister.

I bet all my friends knew our story. How I am so fond of him. How I like to stalk him.
I kept all stuff that remind me of him *I'm so stupid that time*

We were good friends. we shares same interest in skateboarding *I don't skate ok*, breakdance. he knew I love Simple Plan. *haish*

And I know he has a girlfriend.

After I went to Matriculation college, did my degree in Petroleum. even tough I did have a boyfriend, but with him, hahaha he just can make me smile through out the day.

I been a date with him just once and the last date ever. I thought It was a date. but. haha he just kept telling me bout his girlfriend problem.

So now, present time. what I know about him.

Somehow, he manage to contact me through We Chat apps. but that time I'm already with RB.

As for me, I'm happy cause my old friend just remembered me. He knew me and I knew him.

this is the funny part. he asked me to be his girlfriend and planning to get married. I was like *rolling my eyes*. So sudden huh??

He said he was stupid to just ignore my feelings that old time. haha *lame*

but after 2-3 days, I finally figured out that HE ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN MARRIED!!

gosh. that time I was so sad. I don't know why. Maybe cause he was my first crush. (Raul/Haris is just cinta monyet).

Luckily that was just a moment. He suddenly go MIA for no reason.

And TODAY...

He just too much.

He keep telling me that he has a marriage problem. He not happy with his wife. They not been together. What they did they just faking it.

So at first I was kind of believe but. duhhh... I take a short visit to his Facebook page and guess what, last two days, his wife is talking to him. very romantic. even he did respond to her.

So, am I not believing my own eyes. Cha in you are so psycho.

And I let my feeling out at We Chat moments. and he mad at me. hahahahahahha

But I said sorry to him personally. I said I don't believe him cause every proof I found, he seems happy with his wife.

Now I realise why people said, don't love someone to much, cause in the end, he will be someone you hate so much.

I don't really hate him, but I just don't want to be part of his life anymore. I don't want to listen to his bullshits. I don't wanna know how he's doing in his life. I don't wanna know a thing bout him.

To you my first love --->> Mohamad Shahril Mansor, finally I can let you go. finally after 29 years old.

I pray for your happiness. But please, respect my life, my decision.

You are just missed your 25 minutes man!.

Goodbye old crush.

p/s:- writing this post after so hard figured out my old username and password for blogpost. =) Every body now seems to left blogging.

Thanks for reading. I'm happy with RB. and Insha Allah everything will be smooth. we just need time and space to arrange everything.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hi All.

It's been a while. Sedang aku serabut dengan bermacam-macam bende dalam kepala otak, well masuk tinjau blog sendiri.

Sedih sungguh tengok tarikh the last entry was posted. Tapi bila scroll tengok kawan kawan listed blog dekat sebelah " Semua Orang Busy Dengan Life Sendiri".

Well, memang. Dulu selalu dengar orang cakap, once you dah kerja, your blog end up with no updated. Yes! Its true.

Sebab aku tak dapat cari masa senggang nak updates blog. Minat nak blogging tu dah hilang.

Sorry ye C.E.R.I.T.E.R.I.A. Even aku ada banyak story boleh share, but nak mencari masa tu memang la payah. Plus, I don't own any laptop. (Yang tengah guna sekarang is company punya okayh)

Okaylah, I guess that's all for this time. Rasa nak membebel.

/bye bye

Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Perkataan yang boleh menyebabkan hati terluka, menangis dan juga dijadikan gurauan.
Yeah! Sumpah aku tak pernah kisah orang cakap aku gemuk cause I know who I am.

But last week, he had reach my limit. Tak pernah aku dapat boyfriend yang selamba dek drop girlfriend sendiri depan kawan-kawan dia. Perasaan aku?

Rasa nak ambil air nescaffe ais depan aku and simbah muka RB. Sebab aku rasa dah overdose sangat ha bergurau. Ingat aku hati kering ke?

Tapi aku tahan...sampai la drop him. Aku tak cakap pape just say thank you and berambus aku dari situ.

but who knows kan, lepas je selekoh rumah dia, air mata turun berambu rambu. Teresak esak aku menangis. Feels like to stop the car and cry at the roadside.

Sebab aku feel loser sangat. Gemuk sangat ke aku? And I dont know what came to my mind, aku text Syahir.

Yeah. aku rasa double looser cause the one yang aku fikir masa tu is my ex skandal. *boo*


Anyway, I do happy with my life now. Sapa suka gemuk weyh but tak semua dalam dunia ni cantik kalau badan macam lidi.

Biarlah orang gemuk merasa bahagia jugak. I know gemuk is not good for health. Boleh lead to obesiti.

But no one in this world mintak nak jadi gemuk kan?

And aku dah warning RB, kalau nak drop aku, just biar aku dengan dia je. no more drop aku depan kawan-kawan die.

I may look tough but yet I'm still a lady.

Good day people.