Thursday, September 14, 2017

Eyn and Her First Chicken Pox (Hope Will Be Last)


Its been a while since I'm blogging. I even not sure whether I'm still remember how to blog. (LOL).

Well. I missed my old blog post. which I cant never retrieve it anymore. haha.

Well, I'm blogging today because I'm suffered from chicken pox this past few days. Actually it start with very worst fever, I had a backache some more. Lucky me Saturday was public holiday.

And on Sunday, I forced myself to company panel clinic. Well of course, Dr Salina clinic. She said my temperature was really high (which I don't ever feel more HEAT) and my tonsil already start to swallow. Duh I don't feel any bad symptom at all. I just said to her I don't want a chicken pox. That's all.

Well, I got a MC on Monday. Yeah!. But somehow I notice there are few red spot on my skin. OH MYY GODDD. I've tried to denied it. Until when I met RB, RB said to go to clinic tomorrow morning just to confirmed.

By the time I go to the office, I was told that my colleague A-an also have the same symptoms. So we went to clinic together and tadaaaaa POSITIVE CHICKEN POX.

I'm already down. Cause I have so many things to do this week. With Nisa coming down to JB and RB returned from outstation.

So now its been 3 days I'm quarantined myself in my room. Just go out during lunch hour to find something to eat. Just pretend that I don't have anything on my face. haha

I'm hope I'm getting better tomorrow. Please get well soon Eyn.