Monday, July 23, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Site Visit Medini Iskandar,Johor


Aku kepenatan setelah sekian lama tak turun untuk inspection. Exhausted yang amat sangat.

Anyway, inspection hari ni dengan Gas Malaysia representative, En.Rosli from Gas Malaysia KL and En Hisham & Razif from Gas Malaysia Johor untuk LPG system bagi Nusajaya Lifestyle Mall & Residences, Medini Iskandar, Johor (in front of Legoland Malaysia).

The inspection was okay. Ada lah suggestion yang perlu difowardkan kepada consultant. Sebab kan consultant tak nak dengar kitaorang punya advice plus siap nak sue kitaorang, kitaorang leave the proposal to Gas Malaysia.

Habes safety shoes and seluar hari ni. First time aku rasa aku pergi site and balik dalam keadaan belemoih teramat.

Anyway, yang best site visit kali ni sebab aku dapat tengok Legoland Malaysia in the making. Tak tahu la diorang cakap nak open for public this coming September tapi bila tengok tadi doubt plak ha sempat ke tak. But landmark Legoland dah siap la.

Ni je gambar aku dapat snap sebab aku leh pergi sampai sini je. hehehehe
Tapi bangga kot sebab dh sampai sini, sure jeles adik aku ha..bederet aku tag nama die kat pics.

Boss siap nak belikan tiket untuk Gas Malaysia punye orang. Cess unfair gila. Beli la untuk staff sama. I think UEM Land @ Nusajaya should giveaway free ticket for all the contractor yang bekerja keras untuk menyiapkan projek ni.

Oklah gua dah pening gila. Mau rehat.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Mr Future

Moshi Moshi

Dear Mr Future By Wani Ardy

Hello, what’s your name?
Have I seen you before? Have you ever heard me sing?
I don’t make the best lullaby
But every song I write is my journey to you
You’re out there breathing the same air
I can feel you near
Should I wait? Should I find?
I don’t wanna be late
I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be late
I don’t wanna be
Tell me how many songs do I need to write to get to you?
Tell me how many songs do I need to write to get to you?
Are you here in the crowd?
Would you stand out and show yourself up?
‘Cause I’ve been talking to that someone in the future
If I could I would just squeeze into the drawer
And spare us this series of nonsense
Are you here in the crowd?
Would you stand out and show yourself up?
Let’s save our bloody precious time
And put an end to soulmate-searching drama
We’ve prolly brushed against each other
We’re just too frickin’ stupid to even bother
Hey it’s not like we’re getting any younger
And let’s not forget all those standard procedure
That might take up another few more years
Oh I am tired of talking to someone in the future
If I could I would just squeeze into the drawer
And spare us this series of heartbreaking nonsense
This series of heartbreaking nonsense
This series of heartbreaking nonsense
Hello, what’s your name?
p/s: aku pun tak tahu nape aku nak post pasal lagu ni=p


Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Never Give Up


Never give up! in whatever you are doing and going to achieve.
Alhamdulillah rezeki banyak dapat offer untuk job interview. Bukan sebab dah jemu dengan LW but i guess it's time to move on and build up my career to the next level. *boo*

Anyway, last month dapat interview dengan one company yang involve in cathodic protection for oil and gas industry. First impression, aku tak ingat bila aku apply maybe some random acts when aku tensen melampau dengan keje sekarang.

Sebab bila aku stress dengan kerja sekarang, aku akan ushar-ushar Jobstreet. Thanks Jobstreet cause you give an opportunity to seek for another job in instant period and just by click apply button. *whoaa*

The company was in Bandar Mohagani, Klang and first interview ditemani Inche Syahir yang sungguh rajen monteng keje. And the interview session was super duper relax with the MD. Aku aci selamba cakap bahasa melayu dirojakkan dengan english. *konon nak tunjuk budak kay el*

I don't know why but it seem MD tu macam seronok je dengar kisah hidup aku yang aku rasa normal. Aku plak rasa macam dah buat pop corn. Mesra alam semacam. Padahal sebelum interview cuaknye hanya aku yang tahu sampai di bebel Syahir. *boo*

To be truth, I was not putting any hope for this job cause other applicants are much more experience people tambah2 dengan mamat datang selepas aku tuh. *horror*

Second job interview : SLB field service engineer.

ngeh ngeh ngeh ! Ini lagi satu yang memang rasa macam durian runtuh. sebab dapat offer for interview. Last year aku terpaksa tolak due to several reasons and this time no pikir-pikir aku just agreed. Screening session with Iskandar was also selamber badak. Aku sungguh ingat soalan ini:-

" Do u remember whose person was interviewing u that time?"

My answer, " Shit! Why should I remember their names?"


But the SLB session I don't know cause other candidates are super duper WOW. Kalau ada rezeki ade lah ye.

Second Stage Interview - Corrosion Engineer Position

A phone call from Miss Tilla really mengejutkan. I was shortlisted for second stage. Sukeeee! Kembali berbunga-bunga harapan!

Tapi bila attend second stage interview tu, dah bukan second stage dah namanya..sampai ade 3 stage dah ha.

Aku ingat second stage ni one on one interview la tapi mane tau dah macam jawab exam namanya.

First session : Jawab 20 objectives exam on corrosion inspection, cathodic protection and coating.

Sangat technical punya soalan even ade gak la general question macam, "define current?"

MD cakap 5 orang lepas 50% marks but ade sorang la tak lepas 70%...haha aku rasa macam aku..sebab aku study semua topic just based on general knowledge. Adoyai

Second session : Jawab 2 soalan essay sahaja out of 7 question

Soalan ni lucky la sebab general knowledge and experiences. So aku pick soalan yang aku rasa aku boleh bebel panjang.

1. How u motivate urself to complete unpleasant assignment?
2. Describe one of the most challenging job u have faced and explain how you solve it

ohmaii..mamat sebelah siap 3 keping kertas. aku cukup2 je dua keping die kasi.

Lepas second session, ingatkan dah habes, semangat aku amek henpon msg syahir cakap HABESS...

cess MD tambah pulak ha satu lagi session. interview dengan dia padahal masa first interview die dah buat. Adoyai.

And kali ni pun dia macam nak letak aku kat post project engineer lagi. tak kesah la MD asalkan u pay me high. *buweek*

Conclusion is, never give up in your life. Learn from experiences and mistakes. So do I. Lots of mistake in the past but alhamdulilah experiences taught me a lot.


Monday, July 2, 2012


(Photo credit to google)

Yeszaa!! As expected.

Eventough I was hope that Spain will go to final with Germany but.. naaa
it's okay what.

Walaupun terpaksa mengorbankan masa tido selama Euro 2012 semata-mata nak tengok game Spain, it's worth okay!

btw, for those yang rasa aku suka Spain because they won the world cup championship 2010, they are soo wrong.
Cause i've been supporting them since I was so deeply madly in love with Raul Gonzalez which is in the year of 2004.

First match :

Spain vs Italy ~ 1-1

Even tough Italian made a first goal but Fabregas made the game to be tide. Awesome!

Spain vs Republic of Ireland ~ 4-0

Game ni aku ingat Torres ade rembat dua bijik! hahaha

Spain vs Croatia ~ 1-0

Ni plak Iniesta yang score which I can hardly remember. Maybe sebab aku tak tengok


Spain vs France ~ 2-0

Ni lawan dengan team cap ayam. sungguh cuak sebenarnya sebab France pun kuat kot. Ada Samir Nasri plak tu..

but Alonso lead Spain to win!!

Spain vs Portugal

Game ni aku miss sebab tak de kat tv3.. sedih gila kot. and masa tu jugak aku kat KL sebab ade interview. tak best gila!!

Score 4 - 2

And final game,

Spain vs Italy ~ 4-0

Silva, Alba, Torres & Mata

WOW. Aku ingat 2 - 0 sampai the end of the wisel.

Sedih sebab kalau boleh nak sangat Fabregas score jugak. hehehe

Anyway, Euro dah habes. no more stay up.

See ya again Spain in 2 years. World Cup!!