Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey there!
IT.. Its been a while since i listened to IT
And tonight i was played it again.

IT my ipod. Never failes to kept me calm. Whenever i felt such a loneranger, IT never failed to entertain me.

From savange garden--->girls generation.
Sue me! Im a universal person. I can listen to any music as long as its rhyme nice to me.
And im not the one who love the song because of the lyrics. Whos care anyway. Im not the judge in Juara Lagu!

Six month or less, i never update these ipod. Poor IT. Sorry!
I thought i never touched you back but..haha im sound pathetic! Am i?

Forgive me IT cause i've been ignored you. I will take good care after this.

Thanks for being here and never failed to light up my day and night.


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